May 8

Fᵢᵥₑ ₙᵢgₕₜₘₐᵣₑₛ ₐₜ Fᵣₑdᵣᵢcₖₛ | Writers Workshop 3rd


Charlie, a blonde young fine man, with a middle part haircut. Charlie was also born in Michigan, St. Joseph and has his own house in New Jersey, Chester.

He just got fired from his job at McDonalds because he was giving himself a lot of “Free Food”. He was caught when his boss walked in on him in the washroom eating a full meal. So, he must look for a new job or else he will have to go broke and lose his house.

Charlie looks for a building with a poster that says, “HELP WANTED”. Not a wanted dead or alive poster, a help wanted job poster, so he can sign up. So, he looks around for 30 minutes more and sees a poster saying, “HELP WANTED: JOB PAYS $1M”. So, you know he had to call the phone number and get that job. *Beep Beep*, the phone answers, “Hello this is Fredrick’s office. How may I help you?” asks the person on the phone, “Well, I saw the poster and I want to sign up.” Replies Charlie, “OK very well, we will send a sign-up paper to your place right now.”

Charlie was happy he could get a new job, so, he goes home, gets the paper, and looks at it. He looks through all the paper and one mysterious paper that caught his eye, it was a waiver consent printed in dark red, but Charlie didn’t care so he just signed it. Next week was his first day, so he got ready.

One week later…         

April 5, 2005, | The first day for Charlie

Charlie drives to the building with a grin on his face. Once he got in, he sees a paper on the table so, he grabs it. He looks at it and reads, “Hi worker, this paper is to tell you that you will have to stay here for five days. You will be staying at the far back of the building. You can close the doors and the vents for when the animatronics come and try to murder you. Here are the keys to the front door and every room in the building.”

Charlie walks to the room and tries every single key. He has been doing this for an hour and finds the right key. He walks in and sees the room needs a lot of cleaning, so he grabs a broom and starts cleaning.

He finished cleaning after 2 hours and finds a mattress in a closet, he decides he could sleep on it for the night. He walks over to a chair and laid down, then he started up the monitor and started looking on each camera and seeing beast of robots that are each standing at 7ft tall.

Charlie got bored so he started exploring, he sees a locked door, so he used every single key and none of them opened the basement door. So, he used his leg and kicked the door, then the door swung open almost falling off. Charlie walks down, once he was about to reach the last step, the door closed on him. “What the hell is going on”, says Charlie scared and confused, which is confusing. Charlie grabs a flashlight from his pocket and turns it on. *Crack*, a lightbulb breaks above him. Charlie doesn’t care so he walks and walks until he sees one abandoned scary looking animatronic with millions of sharp razor metal teeth. So, walks up to it and inspects it. Then he sees red glowing eyes. So, he grabs his gun from his pocket and starts shooting it. Then a huge body, at least 11ft tall with its head scraping the paint on the roof while walking. “Stay away from me you monster!” Screams Charlie. Then the giant starts chasing Charlie at 45km/h. Charlie starts to run and finds a closet, so he hides in it and sees the monster running past the closet through the cracks. Charlie then sleeps in it. The next morning, Charlie was all messed up and confused. So, he left the closet and started walking around. Charlie has been walking around for 30 minutes, then he found this mysterious door glowing. So, he opened it…

His eyes are wide open, Charlie is outside with a door behind him, he looks behind the door and there is no room behind it. The door is just standing there. So, Charlie started walking around and found a McDonalds, so, he opened the door and entered, but he is back to the basement of Fredrick’s, “What the hell just happened?” Charlie says confused. He looks behind him and the door to the McDonalds is fading away. Charlie sits down on a nearby chair crying. Charlie sees red glowing eyes in the shadow, “Just end me!” Charlie screams while crying. “𝐁𝐨𝐲, 𝐝𝐨𝐧’𝐭 𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦.” The red glowing eyes says.You don’t scream in here.” “Just end me you freak!” Screams Charlie. “Watch your tone.” Says the red glowing eyes. As the red glowing eyes step out of the shadows. *Shing*. Charlie’s head just got sliced.


April 14

Tacko Fall’s downfall…

Tacko Fall was known to be the tallest man to play in the NBA standing at 7’6ft tall, and I will be talking all about his downfall…

He was drafted to Cleveland Cavilers in the 2019 draft pick and he only played for less than a season because he did not have the potential to play in the NBA anymore. He is now playing for Xinjiang Flying Tigers. He plays center and is number 99.

So the he only played for 2 teams and less than 1 season in the NBA.

Maybe he has another chance…

March 7

Why Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James🏀

Some people say that Michael Jordan is better than LeBron, but I disagree. I know LeBron has won the all time scoring record. But Michael Jordan is retired and I think if Michael Jordan never retired, he would have had a chance of breaking the record.

Jordan averaged over 40 points a game in a NBA record five playoff series. Jordan is also a five time MVP, six time NBA finals MVP, fourteen time All Star, and six time NBA champion is the best NBA player of all time. Jordan was also Defensive Player of the year and LeBron has never got that before. Also on a chat on who is better. It say’s that LeBron is under Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is in the top 5 best sport man. Jordan also has a higher percent of shooting. That is why I think Jordan is better than LeBron. LeBron might have won the championship in other teams. But Jordan has won more trophies than LeBron.

One of my sources